Although Webbed Feet are primarily renowned for being high-end, bespoke web developers – developing custom-made websites and web applications from their offices in Salisbury – they also have lots of experience developing websites on third party platforms, such as WordPress.

MHH Poole contacted Webbed Feet seeking help restoring their previous website which was unfortunately hacked on several occasions. WordPress is a popular CMS platform and is therefore susceptible to malicious hackers who seek to take advantage of common weaknesses, with third-party plugins being particularly vulnerable to exploitation.

With MHH Poole being keen to stay with the WordPress platform they contacted Webbed Feet, known to be proficient WordPress web developers in Salisbury .Webbed Feet installed a fresh installation, skinned the website, and ensured all additional functionality on the site was delivered using high-calibre, custom made code opposed to plugins, meaning the site is a lot more secure and robust than previously.